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Banner ad campaigns are Pay Per Month/Time (PPT). If you are looking for Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression, start a Google Adwords account and target

Current Average Click-Thru Estimates:

Single Area/Page Campaigns (with Click through Rate %):
Home Page (2.0%-1.0%)
FMV Home Page: (2.0%-1.0%)
Other Pages of (1.5%-0.5%)
Fewer Exposures and Clicks, Higher Click through Rate

All Areas/Pages Campaign (with Click through Rate %):
All of (1.0%-0.2%)
More Exposures and Clicks, Lower Click through Rate

Current Average Website Traffic Estimates:
Home Page 500-1000 per day
FMV Home Page: 1000-3000 per day
Other Pages of 5000-15000 per day (most views are from the Online FMV Price Guide)

These are estimated numbers, some campaigns have had better results. However, because you have control over the URL to which the ad points, you can add a tracking link(s) for your campaign. A typical way to do this is to point your ad to a special jump page to gather the statistics you want, and then pushes the user to the ad's destination page.

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