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Bubba & Zemo - Top 50
Pocket Change Treasures

Bubba and Zemo Bubba & Zemo have put together their list of the top 50 coins one might find in pocket change. The list is very debatable, but that's what makes collecting so interesting. We'd love to hear from you, how would you list your Top 50?

Lincoln Cents - Jefferson Nickels - Roosevelt Dimes - Washington Quarters - Kennedy Halves - Slide Show Archive

Pocket Change Treasures
Kennedy Halves

All values are approximate    DDO = Double Die Obverse    FS = Fivaz/Stanton (Cherrypickers' Guide)

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Kennedy Half
1971-D Kennedy Half
DDO# 4-O-V
Reported by Ed Raser
MS63 Value - $20.00

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