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†††††† COIN MARKET INSIDER'S REPORT is the award-winning column that has run in COINage Magazine monthly since 1974. Its author is David L. Ganz, a New York City lawyer, who for more than 35 years has covered the numismatic marketplace. Besides practicing law, he is a past present of The American Numismatic Association, and served for a dozen years as general counsel to the Professional Numismatists Guild. Appointed by President Nixon to the 1974 Annual Assay Commission, he served (1993-1996) as a Clinton appointee on the Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee. His latest book, "The Official Guide to America's State Quarters" is a Random House mass market paperback, due out this fall.

†††††† The column began with a premise that it could report, telegraph style, about what was going on in the numismatic marketplace and talk about the buys, the sells, and the trades that investors and collectors are interested in. It now includes the internet, and http:// addresses you can hyperlink to, easily. This is an expanded version of the column as it appears in COINage Magazine. The author can be reached at:
Insider's Report


by David L. Ganz
Insider's Report David L. Ganz

1394 Third Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10021

Phone: (212) 517 5500††Fax: (212) 772 2720

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David L. Ganz Biography
††††††Slated for January 1 release: the New York State quarter... Design details still being worked on in early December include problems striking, probably occasioned by the Erie Canal addition... Erie came in at the insistence of N.Y. Gov. George Pataki... It was the lifeblood of American commerce in the first half of the 19th century.... The central depression causes fill problems from metal flow because of its central location... Mint now estimates that 120 million Americans are collecting state

††††††Latest collectible additions to state quarter programs: collector spoons... also Christmas ornaments, each with a state quarter... Hallmark stores are carrying the ornaments, which have a retail of under $15 apiece.... Sacagawea also makes the Ornament list....

††††††Mint's web site is now also featuring coins from the past... This month's highlight is a Liberty seated quarter... Earlier ones had commemorative coins, each with a good photo and some history.... The portion of the site involved relates mostly to kids, though the text is on an advanced level....

††††††Low mintage obvious: Library of Congress (uncirculated) bimetallic $10 coin... Mint special collectibles include cufflinks with platinum tenth of an ounce pieces, and distinctive coin jewelry.... Order by December 18 for Christmas delivery...

††††††The History Channel will repeat this past summer's one-hour documentary, Ship of Gold, about the SS Central America and its 1857 sunken treasure cargo of California Gold Rush goodies.... The program will be shown this Tuesday, December 12, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, with two repeats late that night and in the wee hours ... The "Ship of Gold" exhibition, featuring $20 million worth of California gold rush coins and gold bars recovered from the SS Central America, on public display this Monday through Thursday, December 11 - 14 in Rockefeller Center in New York City.... Christie's took out a full page ad in the N.Y. Times on Dec. 8 to trumpet the event...

††††††Article on ancients on the web: The Dating of the Coinage of Alexander the Great by ZoŽŽ Sophia Kontes ... ... the latest installment of The Archaeology of Sicily, Italy, Greece, and the Near East (An Electronic Research Outlet of The Center for Old World Archaeology and Art at Brown University)....

††††††Legislative proposal: H.R.5510 : To convert from a convoluted and costly system for issuing circulating currency that requires an enormous amount of debt and annual interest to a more logical system that does not involve debt or interest in connection with the issuance of circulating currency, and for other purposes... Sponsor is Rep Jack Metcalf,- Latest Major Action: 10/19/2000 Referred to House subcommittee on House Banking and Financial Services ....

††††††Coin Collector's Survival Manual, 4th edition by Scott Travers, now out from Bonus Books at $18.95... At 267 pp., it belongs in every library... Beautiful color plates, and an overall great job...

††††††Candidates for the American Numismatic Association (ANA) Board of Governors will participate in a question-and-answer forum at the Town Hall Meeting scheduled for the ANA's National Money Show 2001 in Salt Lake City, Utah, March 8-10.....

††††††Congress wrap-up yields some areas for concern in the 107th Congress... One question is whether there will be a six coin expansion of the state quarters program.... New book list available from Stack's, 123 West 57th St., New York, N.Y. 10019....

††††††A fabulous complete set of Morgan dollars has been consigned to FUN by Gregg Bingham, retired star linebacker for the Houston Oilers.... The same tenacity that Gregg showed on the gridiron was reflected in his pursuit of high quality Morgans. This marvelous collection has been pedigreed by PCGS as the "NFL SET," and includes many specimens with legendary pedigrees: Lee, Bodway, and the PCGS Tour set...

††††††Antoine van den Boogaard is new director of business development for A-Mark....

††††††FUN convention has an ambitious schedule of events in Orlando Jan 2-8...

††††††A precedent-setting conference to examine crucial issues facing dealers and collectors resulted in "a better understanding of each others' concerns and problems as well as planted a seed for future growth of the marketplace," according to Paul Montgomery, chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA).... ICTA and the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) jointly organized the event.... Conducted in Scottsdale, Arizona, December 1 to 3, "Summit 2000" involved "frank and candid dialogue to identify problems affecting the business and a look at ways to resolve them," Montgomery stated.....

Insider's Report Insider's Report Insider's Report - Current Article

David L. Ganz Biography

Insider's Report Article Archive

Copyright 2000 by David L Ganz, all rights reserved.

The publisher is not rendering legal or accounting advice and recommends
that if you seek such advice that you do so from a competent professional.

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