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December 2017

Crow River Collection Auctioned for Nearly $2 Million

       Another day, another amazing collection sold at auction. Legend Rare Coin Auctions recently completed their Regency Auction XXIII which included the Crow River Collection of $10 Gold Indians. There were 34 coins that sold in this sale, including four important duplicate dates, and many of the coins were the finest known for the date. There were 26 coins that had the CAC sticker and 15 that had the + designation (14 had both the CAC and + label).

       The Crow River Collection was the #2 ranked Registry set in PCGS holders, and the sale realized $1,951,381, including the four duplicate coins. One of the duplicates in this sale was the 1926 PCGS MS66 CAC; it realized $22,913 and was previously a Duckor collection coin. The other 1926 in this sale sold for $35,250, but it had a + designation. Both coins graded as MS66 and CAC verified, but the + made a difference of over $12,000. Of course, extra eye appeal always helps. With so many great coins in this set we will take a look at several of the most notable dates.

       The rarest coin in this $10 Gold Indian collection was the 1907 Wire Edge with an original mintage of only 500 coins. This coin is graded PCGS MS66 with CAC approval and brought $135,125. While there are 35 coins total certified by PCGS and NGC in MS66, there are only six with the CAC sticker. There are, however, 17 coins grading higher in the Pop Reports with one MS69 graded by NGC. These numbers could be skewed slightly by resubmissions since the Pop Reports show a total of 487 coins certified by the two services combined. It seems rather unlikely that there could be that many coins available from the original mintage in today’s market. The current FMV is now up to $137,500; in early 2010 it was $105,950.

1907 Wire Edge $10 Gold Indian PCGS MS66 CAC

1907 Wire Edge $10 Gold Indian PCGS MS66 CAC from the Crow River Collection sold for $135,125 at the Legend Rare Coin Auctions Regency Auction XXIII in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 26, 2017

       The highest valued $10 Indian in the sale was the 1920 S in PCGS MS63+ CAC, selling for $152,750. It is always difficult to forecast what a coin will bring at auction, but it is even more difficult when it has the combined + and CAC designations. A month ago, the MS63 grade had an FMV of $99,380 and the CAC value was at $114,000. With the results of this sale, the FMV has bumped up to $120,630 and the CAC is now $140,000. The 1920 S is a well-known rarity in all grades. There are only 56 coins certified in the circulated grades and another 62 in Mint State, an indication that much of the original mintage of 126,500 was lost to melting and attrition.

1920 S $10 Gold Indian PCGS MS63+ CAC

1920 S $10 Gold Indian PCGS MS63+ CAC from the Crow River Collection sold for $152,750 at the Legend Rare Coin Auctions Regency Auction XXIII in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 26, 2017

       One of the most sought after coins in the Crow River sale was the 1909 S in PCGS MS66+ with the CAC sticker, eventually selling for a whopping $146,875. The original mintage of this date was 292,350; currently there are 717 Mint State coins certified by PCGS and NGC but only four at this grade or higher. Again, the + designation and the CAC stickered coins are commanding higher prices, especially when bidders are competing at auction for true rarities. The FMV for the MS66 was at $34,450 a month ago, and now it is at $42,250. The CAC value was $40,000 and now it has increased to $78,500.

1909 S $10 Gold Indian PCGS MS66+ CAC

1909 S $10 Gold Indian PCGS MS66+ CAC from the Crow River Collection sold for $146,875 at the Legend Rare Coin Auctions Regency Auction XXIII in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 26, 2017

       The 1914 D PCGS MS67 CAC, which sold for $135,125, is one of only eleven coins in this highest grade for the date. Last month the FMV was at $48,750 and has now climbed to $65,000. The 1914 D has an original mintage of 343,500, and there are 4,410 Mint State coins certified, but most of these are in the MS60-MS64 grades. There are only 95 coins certified in MS65 & MS66; this is also where the values really begin to jump.

       The 1930 S $10 Indian has one of the lowest mintages in the series with just 96,000 coins. There are only 10 coins certified in circulated grades by PCGS and NGC and 150 coins certified in all Mint State grades with MS67 being the highest. This is a very valuable coin in all grades; even the MS60 has an FMV of $24,690. The Crow River Collection 1930 S was a PCGS MS65+ with a CAC sticker and it realized $123,375; the FMV a month ago was $89,380. There are 28 coins certified in MS65 with three more having the + designation. To our knowledge this is the only 1930 S $10 Indian in MS65 with the + and CAC sticker which is why it sold at a premium price.

       The 1910 S PCGS MS66, the highest graded coin for the date (although there is an NGC + coin), sold for $141,000. The original mintage of 811,000 seems kind of high for this rarity, but the Pop Reports indicate that the majority of the certified coins are at MS64 and below. There are only 11 coins graded MS65 and higher and the FMV really falls off below those grades. The MS65 has an FMV of $54,060 and the MS64 drops down to $12,310. The MS66 had an FMV last month of $115,050 and has been updated to $136,500. Below are a few more noteworthy $10 Gold Indians that came out of the Crow River Collection sold by Legend Rare Coin Auctions.


1908 D No MottoPCGS MS65+ CAC$79,313
1909 DPCGS MS66$55,813
1913PCGS MS66+ CAC$70,500
1913 SPCGS MS64 CAC$61,688
1915 SPCGS MS65 CAC$85,188

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