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NumisMedia Weekly Market Report

Current News and Analysis of the

United States Rare Coin Market

January 29, 2007

Collectors Demand Value

Collectors remain steadfast in pursuit of quality material. They have become more astute in the last several years and price is not the main issue. If the coin is graded properly, they will pay a very competitive price.

We have observed this in everyday trading of Lincoln Cents, Buffalo Nickels, Mercury Dimes, and Walking Liberty Half Dollars. These are some of the more active series in numismatics. There are thousands of collectors for MS63 and higher grades; finding better date coins is a very difficult task.

With metals rising again, U.S. Gold coins are receiving lots of attention. Many dealers report an increase in activity at current prices. Gold jumped $10 in the last week and rests at $642.60 this morning. Silver has moved to over $13, at $13.14. Platinum made a strong move last week and is now at $1172.

What’s with the Dashes?


In the price guides, what do all the dashes mean?


A dash has more than one meaning in the NumisMedia Price Guides. For low value coins, the dash can indicate that there is little or no value above the face value. This is especially the case for many modern coins that do not contain silver or gold.

In the case of extremely high-grade coins, a dash would indicate that there is no accurate information available, either there are no coins in the market in such a high grade or the availability is not likely. In these cases, look to the next lower grade with a price and know that the higher grade could be multiples of the lower one.

One other instance of dashes may occur between grades. In developing the Market Price Guides, only accurate information is used for coins that are known to be in the marketplace or have been available at one time in the recent past. In many cases, offered coins may be found graded AU50 and AU55 but not seen in AU53. Therefore, we may leave the space blank with a dash. Here, the price on both sides of the grade would give you an indication of its value.

Market values are ever-changing; check out the online price guides for the most current updated values.

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Current News and Analysis of the U.S.
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