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NumisMedia Weekly Market Report

Current News and Analysis of the

United States Rare Coin Market

November 10, 2008

Strength in Numbers

     Even though we have been experiencing a few more declines than usual of late, we do have one major factor in our favor: there are plenty of serious buyers in this present coin market. The economy is weak but numismatics is quite healthy. Buyers are looking for specific coins at current FMV levels, but if notable coins are available at discounts, there are thousands of willing collectors ready to take advantage of any fire sales. Dealers continue to maintain their wholesale prices for coins they need for eager clients.

     This week’s HD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide reports numerous changes in most series. Bust Half Dollars can stimulate a large amount of interest when collections enter the market. Yet, we notice quite a bit of difference in prices for specific issues and grades. Off quality or secondary grading service coins will typically bring heavy discounts of current FMV prices. This is still a positive sign that there is strong interest in this series. NGC and PCGS graded coins attract the strongest prices and even then, some buyers are selective as to overall quality and eye appeal.

     The U.S. Gold series remain very active even as wholesale prices fluctuate up and down. You will find many declines for generic $10 and $20 Gold coins but premiums on U.S. Gold are still above normal levels as demand builds. What we have noticed is that some high-ticket coins are discounted because sellers need to increase cash reserves. In many cases, the discounts are relatively minor; for example, the 1913 S $20 Saint in MS65 fell from $33,500 wholesale to $32,250 this week. In contrast, the early TI $20 Liberties are showing strong advances for the rare O Mints. The 1856 O, in AU58 jumped from $475,000 to $510,000 wholesale in the past month due to recent auction reports. Rare coins still bring advanced levels of previous prices.

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Current News and Analysis of the U.S.
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