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May 11, 2009

Discounted Prices Lead to Active Market

     The results from the recent Heritage Auction at Central States have given us the opportunity to update numerous prices in this week’s LD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide. You might expect that Market prices would be lower due to the overall condition of the coin market. In many cases, you would be correct. There were hundreds of high-grade, high-value rarities at this auction and some of them brought about 10%-15% less than previous Market prices. However, on a positive note, the sale realized $45 million. This is a solid signal that there are still thousands of collectors and investors trying to take advantage of this discounted market.

     Because of the depth of this sale, many coins by grades were available and sold that have not traded in some years. The results show many collectors are extremely competitive when fresh rarities come into the market. The Market price for the 1796 Half Cent with Pole moved to higher levels in AU53, AU55, & AU58. The 1793 in MS64 increased to $96,500 Market; and the 1794 Head Right moved to a higher $100,000 in MS65. The 1793 Lettered Edge Large Cent did fall about 10% in MS64 to $205,000, however, this is a very popular coin with only one certified in this grade. The 1799 is seen very infrequently; the five grades we have listed with a Market price all moved higher this week. The MS62 is now $44,500 and the MS63 is $55,500.

     Indian and Lincoln Cents continue to trade very actively. Market prices are mixed with adjustments for various grades, some higher and others lower depending on current dealer needs. Buffalo Nickels and Full Band Mercury Dimes are seeing some discounting with prices declining for many of the better dates. There is just not enough collector money available for these two series to support previous Market levels. However, knowledgeable collectors can always find funds if the price is right. Even some of the very tough dates are bringing discounted prices at this time. The 1937 D Buffalo 3 Legged, in MS66, fell to $58,500 Market this week. In Mercury Dimes, the extremely scarce 1919 D in MS66 FB dropped to $90,000.

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