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June 15, 2009

Aggressive Dealers Find Success in Baltimore

     The market is erratic and momentum sways with dealer attitudes. Hard work and expertise is needed to stay ahead in this market. Higher premium sales can still be had with a little 'skill with the glass', that is, a dealers' ability to spot properly graded coins and those coins with eye appeal. Stagnant inventories are typically filled with coins that lack that special quality and therefore will lead to discounting.

     Motivated and skilled dealers found success at the just completed Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention. Those waiting for business to come to them probably felt like the show did not measure up to expectations. Bullion related coins were very active with the public in attendance although it looks like lower premiums are creating fewer profits for dealers. The public attendance was down slightly from previous shows.

     Key date coins continue to attract collectors; however, buyers can be very selective since there are fewer buyers in the market. Lincoln Cents continue to provide sales for dealers with the 1909 S VDB, 1914 D, 1922, and 1931 S consistently appearing on collector buy lists. Early Proof Lincoln Cents remain difficult to locate at reasonable levels; there are more buyers willing to pay premiums for properly graded coins than supplies in the market. This week's Moderns Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide lists several increases for the 1909, 1909 VDB, 1910, 1913, and 1914 in various grades.

     Most other Modern series are rather lackluster because there is so much inventory on the market that the current number of collectors cannot make a dent in available supplies. Again, buyers can be very fussy about eye appeal. Platinum issues are showing many increases due to bullion rising over the last few weeks. Gold has been higher since the last Moderns Price Guide, but is now relatively the same as it was three weeks ago. Buffalo Gold coins are extremely active and the 2008 Fractionals have high premiums because supplies are very thin in the market.

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