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October 26, 2009

Metals Leading Market Activity

     The metals are experiencing profit taking as the week begins. We are never really sure if these are times of opportunity or a potential trend. The feeling is that Gold is leading this market and the short-term direction should be to higher levels. The wholesale trading systems are still loaded with heavy buying volume. If there are bullion coins available in the market, there are certainly dealers ready to buy. There is no slow down in retail sales at this time.

     The wholesale market for certified classic coins is mixed. Buyers are looking for bargains, but many are still willing to pay current levels for coins with exceptional eye appeal. As you can see from this week's LD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide, much of the adjustments are declines. The majority of changes are for the more common issues within a series. High population coins that sit in dealer inventories are creating the Market decreases.

     Copper coins, Half Cents, Large Cents, Indian and Lincoln Cents, seem to be steady at current Market levels. As long as the coins are accurately graded and do not have a negative appearance, dealers will find collectors ready to compete. The 1795 Lettered Edge with Pole Half Cent has a few increases in specific grades this week due to new transactions monitored. In some cases, more important Half Cents and Large Cents do not trade too often so many of the trades are updates of old prices. Liberty Nickels seem to be attracting some new buyers because the prices for MS & PR 61 to 65 have drifted too low. Buyers are fussy and will not accept badly toned coins. The declines we have been reporting for Buffalo Nickels and Mercury Dimes appear to be subsiding somewhat. Only occasionally do we find discounts of the more common coins. Sellers feel that they have gotten too cheap at current prices.

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