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December 7, 2009

Rare Coin Market Stable as Year Winds Down

     We all knew it had to happen eventually. After Gold topped $1,220 last week, profit taking began. As of this morning, the downturn has not ceased. Gold is currently at $1,142. Most analysts are still positive and believe this is a great opportunity to buy at lower levels. One thing is for sure, it is cheaper to buy Gold today than it was last week.

     While the metals are lower this week, it is interesting to note that the overall coin market has been stable over the last few weeks. The number of declines has dwindled to but a few in most series. Dealers and collectors appear to be looking for specific coins more than they were in the last six months. Serious buyers have realized that the premium quality low pop coins are not going to be traded at discounts. The buyers with cash to spend are willing to pay current Market levels or a slight premium for the coins on their lists. This week's LD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide is an indication that market weakness has subsided in most early series. There are very few notable declines in Half and Large Cents this week with a scattering of increases for specific dates and grades. Indian Cents also look stronger at current levels with a few increases reported. Lincoln Cents have a few modest declines for dates that had increased substantially in the past, such as the 1909 VDB in MS64 to MS66. Sales in this date seem to have slowed somewhat.

     Three Cent Nickels, Shield, and Liberty Nickels appear to have reached levels that are enticing buyers. We have monitored several increases in these series as buyers look to add these coins to their inventories. (We are sure there are other series that have attracted buyers in a quiet way. Dealers have always been known to quietly buy into areas so they can stock up before anyone takes notice of this demand.) Seated Half Dimes, Dimes and Quarters seem to be interesting some buyers as declines are fewer and dealers are actually looking for specific dates at this time. We also have noted some increases in circulated dates where coins do not trade hands very often. It looks like 2010 is gearing up to get a better start than 2009.

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