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April 12, 2010

Coin Market Heating Up

     In the last couple of weeks there has been an increase in buying activity on the dealer trading networks. Not just for bullion coins, but numismatic coins as well. Some of the key dates which had been soft in the last six months are now receiving buy messages for various grades. The 1909 S VDB Lincoln Cent has a couple of anxious buyers at current Market levels. In a couple of grades, the Market has increased this week. This is a positive indication that these circulated coins drifted far enough down to make them a good buy once again. The 1914 D also looks a little stronger although there are declines for the Fine and Very Fine grades. Several of the Indian Cents prior to 1880 are showing some increases for Mint State grades. This is also the case for Proof Indian Cents up to the 1890's.

     In this week's LD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide Liberty Nickels have several adjustments for Mint State and Proof Issues. The always popular 1885 and 1886 are finding demand at current Market prices despite the fact that there are a couple of declines in lower circulated grades. In Mint State, the 1885 is higher at $3,950 in MS64 and the 1886 is at $3,150 in the same grade. The 1885 is lower at $1,300 Market in PR65 and higher in PR66 at $1,700. Proof Liberty Nickels indicate several increases for PR66 and PR67 dates. Most Buffalo Nickels continue to be soft, especially the early better dates.

     Key date Seated Quarters are very difficult to locate with clean surfaces. Even the slightly damaged coins will bring decent money when they are offered for sale because they do not come along very often. There are updated prices for some Very Fine through AU grades for the 1858 S, 60 S, 61 S, and 64 S this week. When you see Seated coins that have an original mintage of 100,000 or less, you know they are going to be tough to find. However, when pop reports have only 100 - 200 total coins certified, it shows how rare some of these dates can be.

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Current News and Analysis of the U.S.
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