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NumisMedia Weekly Market Report

Current News and Analysis of the

United States Rare Coin Market

April 19, 2010

Dealers Report Rising Sales Volume

     Various signals are pointing toward a stronger coin market over the last few weeks. The increase in volume of non bullion coins has risen for most dealers. In addition, the number of coins being sold in major auctions indicates the presence of new competitive buyers in the market. However, most buyers are still bargain hunting, taking advantage of the downturn in prices over the last year or so. The market is not so hot that premiums are necessary to buy nice coins. Dealers still have plenty of coins in inventory to supply the current buyers at present levels. This could very well change as more buyers enter the market.

     Despite the fact that Walkers from 1935 to 1947 are still drifting downwards, there are plenty of buyers jumping in at the current levels. We have noticed large quantities of most dates in this range selling at auctions and in dealer retail lists. This is a strong suggestion that this downturn is near an end. Walkers are a very popular series and once they begin to move, nearly every dealer jumps on board. The Market price for MS65's is at $102. MS66 is now at $185. There have been sales at less money but for slightly lower end quality coins. A few of the dates in the teens showed some strength this week and rose a bit in the MS64 and 65 grades.

     This week's HD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide also shows a good deal of activity in $20 Gold. This is one of the hottest areas of the market because buyers will purchase common dates for bullion while collectors and investors will purchase better dates. The Carson City Twenties are very steady with lots of competitive buyers, especially in auctions. This past month numerous dates and grades have increased due to buying pressure. The 1872 CC in AU55 is up to $12,350 Market and the 1874 CC in the same grade is now at $4,275. We have monitored many other Carson City $20's trading this month at current levels. Dealers are seeing more collectors spreading their interests into other series as well.

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Current News and Analysis of the U.S.
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