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June 21, 2010

Coin Shows Pleasantly Active

     Summer has begun and the coin market usually settles down. However, as is evidenced by the recent Long Beach Expo and the Whitman Baltimore Show, the coin market is rather stout. Much of this can be attributed to the strength of the metals as Gold broke another record, moving over the $1,260 mark last week. Strong metals make for busy coin shops and shows. As we mentioned previously, activity in metals helps maintain overall coin market prices because there is less need for discounted selling. The Baltimore Show was generally active throughout as retailers kept busy with the public and wholesalers were trading amongst themselves. The biggest complaint was typical, concerning the lack of fresh material. However, many dealers are participating in the search for PQ coins in old holders that may be upgraded to the new + designation.

     Premiums for U.S. Gold have faltered over the last couple of weeks and this week's HD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide bears this out. There is a host of decreases in most of the charts for the common dates all the way up to MS65. MS65 Saints retreated to $1,950 Market price among dealers. MS63's fell to $1,575. Twenty Liberties dropped slightly to $4,150 in MS65, while the MS63 backed off to $2,020. On a positive note, we observed several increases for better date Twenties, especially from the Carson City Mint. The 1889 CC moved higher in MS60 to MS62; the MS62 is now at $16,250 Market. The 1873 CC advanced to $11,350 in AU55 and the 1878 CC jumped to $10,850 in the same grade.

     Classic Gold Commemoratives still reveal some declines as sales seem to be on the rise. This could signal that some dealers are taking a position in this series in hopes that there will be a turnaround soon. Demand for most dates is steady although there are many sellers who are not interested in stocking them at this time. The 1904 L & C Expo in MS65 is down to $6,050 Market, while the MS64 has retreated to $2,675. The 1916 and 1917 McKinley $1 Gold appear soft in MS63 and lower grades. However, to some dealers, prices appear to be interestingly low. Because of their low mintage, the always popular $50 Pan Pacs are not subjected to the same cycles as the smaller Gold Commems. There are buyers for these coins at present levels.

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