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NumisMedia Weekly Market Report

Current News and Analysis of the

United States Rare Coin Market

October 18, 2010

Market Higher for Selective Issues

     After hitting the $1,382 mark late last week, Gold has fallen back to $1,372 in Monday morning trading. There is more generic gold for sale on the teletypes this past week indicating that some dealers are not getting as much retail sales as they were the last several months. Silver has also been very energetic resulting in massive sales of circulated Morgan and Peace Dollars. There are numerous buyers for bag quantities of anything from culls to AU's. Prices range from $18.50 to $20.50 depending on quality.

     There are plenty of advances in this week's LD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide. Most of the adjustments are for rarer coins with lower populations. Some advances are the results from auctions for coins that have not traded in many years. Several PR65 Flying Eagle Cents are higher, with the 1856 up to a Market of $22,000; the 1857 is now at $18,500. There are new Market prices for the rare 1811, 1 over 0 Large Cent. MS61 is $25,000 and the MS63 is $32,500. There are some minor declines for more common issues. Collectors are being very selective, especially when it comes to Mint State coins and the color marked on the holder. For example, if it is Red and Brown, but the coin is actually closer to Brown, then it may be discounted from the listed Market price.

     There are many changes in the Lincoln Cent chart. This is one of the most collected series in numismatics and this week's Price Guide shows a variety of increases, especially for the MS64 and 65 dates. The 1914 D Red in MS65 is now at $15,750 and the 1909 S VDB Red MS66 is up to $12,350. While Lincoln Cents are very active, there are also many that have declined due to discounted sales. Some of the high grade coins may decline as new coins are certified, thus putting more coins into the market. The 1909 VDB Red in MS67 has declined to $1,025; the 1916 Red in MS67 is down to $2,525 Market. Activity in Seated Dimes has picked up with numerous increases in MS64 and higher. The 1860 S in MS65 is up to $11,500 and $17,500 in MS66. The 1867 S is higher at $22,500 in MS66.

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