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November 29, 2010

Seasonal Bargain Hunting Begins

     With Gold up over 15% since this time last year, it will cost buyers that much more to purchase gifts for the holidays. Numismatics offers an unusual venue featuring products that don't become worthless the moment they are given away. Many other holidays gifts create joy for the moment and then get cast aside or lose much of their value because they are considered used. Numismatic gifts can be the gifts that keep on giving as their value increases.

     It is not just Gold coins that attract buyers for gift-giving. Collectors are always interested in adding to their sets of coins and they are not shy about letting friends and relatives know what is on their wish list. Silver Dollars are heavily traded because of their size and beauty. With many areas of the coin market being slightly soft (mostly coins after the 1930's) and plenty of coins available in the market, there are adequate amounts of bargains out there from which to choose.

     Buffalo Nickels, Mercury Dimes, and Walking Liberty Halves are in most dealer inventories and they are among the most eye-catching coins in numismatics. Many of the dates within these series have decreased in the last year so they have become targets for bargain hunters. In this week's LD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide, there are very few changes in Buffalo Nickels and Mercury Dimes. Many dates are readily available at current FMV levels and prices may be considerably less than they were last year so buyers can purchase more for less money. Indian and Lincoln Cents are always in demand and current Market levels are attracting buyers. Many collectors realize that the high grade coins in "Red" are quite difficult to locate; this creates opportunities to acquire coins that have good eye appeal in Red and Brown or Brown at substantially less than the Red prices.

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