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December 27, 2010

Hot Morgan Dollars Leading the Way

     During the holiday season dealers usually limit their bidding activity on the teletypes. This year is a little different; dealers have some very strong active bids for many series. There has been an increase in Bust Half Dollar trades over the last few weeks. Many of the more common issues had decreased in the last two years and some dealers felt Market prices were down to levels that made more sense. With the FUN Show just a week away, many dealers have begun to stock more Bust Halves in inventory. This week's HD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide shows various increases for specific date Bust Halves in AU50 to MS62. Of course dealers are still looking for coins that have positive eye appeal.

     One of the leading coin market indicators has always been Silver Dollars. If you haven't noticed lately, common dates are moving higher in all grades up to MS66. The rise initially was spurred by the increase in Silver bullion, but the MS63 to MS66 grades have jumped due to various ongoing marketing programs. The MS63 Morgan is now up to a Market price of $42 and MS64 is up to $65. Both of these were languishing at $35 and $48 just two months ago. The MS65 is very strong at $138 Market and appears to have enough buyers to push this higher. The MS66 is up to $225, which is where it was a few weeks back before these coins were difficult to sell. Peace Dollars are also rising in the lower grades up to MS65. However, there are still lots of MS66 coins available in the market that need to be sold before prices begin to move higher.

     Common U.S. Gold is still very strong in all grades, although the premiums have dropped slightly on the Tens and Twenties. There seems to be an excess of supplies in the market for the circulated grades up to MS62. Overall demand is steady but some buyers may be waiting for the year to end before making new purchases. One concern voiced by several dealers lately is that market makers are bidding for coins that require extra qualifiers such as sight seen, the + designation, and even CAC. Many of the bids are at current levels for regular NGC and PCGS coins.

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