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July 25, 2011

Record Gold, Market Surges

     Gold and Silver are again in the spotlight. Gold passed through the $1,620 barrier in overseas trading this morning as concerns grow for U.S. debt. Politicians continue to downplay the role Gold plays in the economy by saying it is overpriced, but it sure looks like investors believe the opposite. Coin dealers are constantly in need of all products related to Gold or Silver as well. Prices continue to march forward as demand persists.

     We monitored many price adjustments in this week's HD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide. For instance, following the increase in Gold this past week, $5, $10, and $20 U.S. Gold has advanced across the charts in grades from Good up to MS64. In addition, the $20 Saint moved higher in MS65 and 66 as well. The MS65 is now at $2,225 Market, while the MS66 is $2,775. In this market, dealers are trying to balance their inventories of U.S. Gold coins. One day they may be a seller and the next day they are a buyer of the very same coins in the same grade. Overall, most dealers do not mind being slightly long in some areas where they know they have a consistent demand from their loyal customers.

     In the $20 Liberty series, we are seeing a lot of trading for specific dates that have not only low original mintages, but low populations for the grades as well. The 1891 jumped this week in AU58 and MS60 to $35,750 and $41,000, respectively. There are several other rare dates that advanced, such as, the 1855 O, 1859 O, 1861 O, 1871 CC, 1872 CC, 1881, 1885, and 1886; all in various grades of Extra Fine to MS60. Market advances can be seen for Morgan and Peace Dollars once again. Peace Dollars are up in MS61 to MS63 and MS65. Morgan Dollars are higher in MS64 to MS66. Buyers are looking for large quantities for all grades.

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