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November 14, 2011

25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Sets Top $800

     The metals have moved higher over the last week and activity seems to have picked up especially for Proof Gold Eagles and circulated Silver Dollars. One ounce Proof Gold Eagles are at $1,865 wholesale, while Dollar bags are trading at $28,250. Activity for the just released 2011 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle sets is even more intense. This is a very fluid market with prices changing as quickly as one dealer posts the next message. We have seen them trade as high as $800 per set but they have to remain in the unopened box as sent by the Mint. We have also seen opened boxes trading as high as $750 per set. Currently, it looks like the trading range is $700 to $775 depending on time of delivery.

     In the past month we have seen a lot of activity in the Moderns series, however, it takes much discounting to complete transactions. We have monitored numerous sales of State Quarters in PR69 and lower causing the Market prices to decrease in this week's Moderns Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide. Not only have the PR69 prices fallen, but it also forces some of the next lower grades to decline as well. The spreads between the PR64 to PR69 grades have become very narrow. For example the Nebraska 2006 S Silver Quarter in Ultra Cameo PR64 has a Market price of $8.25 and the PR69 is just $16. The PR64 is barely $2 over its Silver value. Kennedy Half Dollars are suffering from the same malaise. Most of the declines occur from 1985 S Ultra Cameo to 1999 S Silver in PR66 up to PR69.

     The majority of adjustments in Modern Eagles are higher this month as the prices of Gold, Silver, and Platinum have all increased since our last issue. In addition, the demand for the 2009 UHR is frenzied. There are not enough coins on the market to satisfy the current demand. The MS69 is now at $2,750 and the MS70 is $3,400. The Prooflike in MS69 is currently $3,150 and the MS70 is $5,500. The demand for Buffalo Gold is consistent and dealers will pay very strong prices for any of the 2008 W coins.

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