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December 19, 2011

Metals Lower at Year-End

     Two short weeks ago, Gold was near the $1,750 mark and appeared to be heading higher and possibly test the highs of the year. However, confidence in the metal disappeared and has been spiraling for the last ten days. Now, some of the Gold advocates are predicting even lower prices into the new year. Gold is presently at $1,591 and Silver is $28.91. The downturn caused the Proof Gold Eagles to drop to the $1,780 area and Proof Silver Eagles fell to $66 wholesale. Silver bags are now down to $20,500. However, circulated Silver Dollars are in demand and the premiums have increased. They are currently trading at $26,750 per bag.

     A lack of confidence in the metals seems to have impacted much of the Modern coins. Last week we noted discounting in many of the more common issues, especially those dated after 1930. Unless coins are the highest certified for the grade, most sales have been slightly under Market prices. Nonetheless, in this week's HD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide we have monitored numerous increases in most series with exception of the Gold series. The 1817 Bust Half increased to $14,500 in MS65 and the 1817/3 moved up to $8,650 in MS63. These are very tough dates in any grade and will command premiums if they have good eye appeal. Better date Seated Halves are very popular in nice circulated grades. This week there are several increases for grades from XF through AU58.

     Seated Dollars are showing signs of life for grades Very Fine through Mint State 64. Though, this is a series where some of the coins have a very dull appearance. Buyers are less likely to view these coins as desirable unless they are very rare dates. This week the 1849 in AU58 climbed to $1,425 and the 1870 in MS61 advanced to $1,975. Also, a couple of the Proof issues increased; the 1847 rose to $13,500 in PR61 and the 1865 in PR63 improved to $3,875.

     This will be our last Enews of the year. We will still be updating prices periodically. We would like to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season and a wonderful New Year.

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Current News and Analysis of the U.S.
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