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March 26, 2012

Selective Buying Guides Market

     There was one common complaint at the Whitman Baltimore Coin Convention this past week; there was not much fresh new material for the many buyers who have customers for high-end quality coins. Otherwise, most of the dealers were satisfied with the amount of business they accomplished at this major event. Several dealers reported an increase in retail sales over the last few shows they attended. With the metals ramping up the last couple of days, dealers have a healthier outlook for upcoming shows.

     Although many of today's buyers are focused on bullion-related coins, there are many other advanced collectors currently concentrating on early rarities. However, with the decrease in the number of these collectors lately, buyers have become more selective. They are looking for PQ coins, CAC or + graded coins with eye appeal. Less than 10% of the coins in the market qualify for these designations, so the overall market has leaned toward being lackluster. This creates opportunities for the next tier of collectors who are still buying when they can locate "good deals".

     In this week's LD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide, Copper is very steady with only minor changes, mostly to the upside. The key here is that buyers want properly graded coins with no planchet problems. Half Cents through Lincoln Cents have a tremendous collector base and are actively sought during all kinds of markets. Three-Cent Nickels appear to be stable in higher grades. The rare 1885 is up to $12,750 in MS65 and $18,000 in MS66. Seated coins are steady at current levels with many better dates showing upward movement. The 1843 O Seated Dime is higher in all grades up to MS60. This is very rare with only two coins certified in Mint State. The 1838 Seated Quarter is now at a higher $23,500 in MS65 with other grades also advancing this week.

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