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July 23, 2012

Registry Collectors Demand the Best

     The metals may be soft (Gold is lower again this morning) however, collectors and investors are taking advantage of these lower levels. The teletypes remain very active as dealers try to buy and sell various bullion related items. Silver Dollar bags are down a little, now at $26,850 wholesale. They are a very popular trading commodity and the buy/sell spreads are very thin. Proof Gold Eagles are trading at $1,680 an ounce for the most common years and Proof Silver Eagles are $57.

     There are very few adjustments this week in the Moderns Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide, especially for coins that are not Gold or Silver and grade MS63 and lower. Most of these coins are at a base level and considered very cheap. Normally, activity for most of these coins is not seen on a wholesale level, only at retail shops. There are some higher prices for specific date high grade Registry coins. The 1948 Lincoln Cent in MS67 Red is up to $1,225 Market. The 1951 PR67 Red Cameo is now higher at $800.

     The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar with Accented Hair is on many current want lists. Buyers are especially looking for PR66 and 67 Cameo and Ultra Cameo coins. The PR66 is now up to $100 for the Cameo and $625 for the Ultra Cameo. In PR67 the Market has increased to $220 and $1,325 in Cameo and Ultra Cameo, respectively. The majority of Modern Commemorative Dollars follow the price of Silver in MS or PR69 and lower grades. The only ones that really command premiums are the 70 graded coins.

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