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December 10, 2012

Interest Expanding as Year Winds Down

     The premiums on U.S. Gold continue to expand with increased demand for generic coins. The last two months brought more buyers into the picture and supplies are not as plentiful as in prior months. For example, the common $20 Gold Liberty in MS60 was trading among dealers at $1,850 on October 14th with Gold at $1,770. As of this past Friday with Gold at $1,704, they were trading at $1,890. That is substantially higher with Gold $66 lower. Other denominations and grades show similar comparisons. Depending on your take on the impact of the changes to the U.S. economy in January, there could be far reaching consequences on these premiums.

     Not only does the market look positive for U.S. Gold, many other series are solid as well. Silver Dollars are very active in all grades; from circulated to Mint State, Prooflike, Deep Mirror Prooflike, and NGC GSA Carson City Dollars. Most prices are steady to higher with hundreds of dealers participating in this market, and trades are continuous. Several dealers are offering very competitive buy/sell spreads for GSA Carson City Dollars and the NGC certified coins are selling like gangbusters. The following list shows some increased dealer Market prices from this week's HD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide.

1878 CC Morgan - NGC GSA MS65 - $4,650
1880 CC Morgan - NGC GSA MS67 - $25,000
1880 CC Rev '78 Morgan - NGC GSA MS65 - $2,825
1881 CC Morgan - NGC GSA MS66 - $1,625
1881 CC P/L Morgan - NGC GSA MS65 - $1,950
1882 CC Morgan - NGC GSA MS66 - $1,550
1885 CC Morgan - NGC GSA MS66 - $2,900

     There is some stability to the Early Gold Commemorative market. As you know, this series has been continually down for the last several years; month after month Market prices had been dropping. The last two months there have been more trades at current levels with fewer declines, and a few advances, albeit small ones, in the last couple of weeks. Keep an eye on this series as the calendar changes; can these small mintage coins make a comeback? It is still too early to tell if this is a temporary solidification or if they can still move lower.

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