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Collectors Flock to True Rarities

February 17, 2014

     The metals have been advancing over the last two weeks and this has buyers back in the market. Not only are prices up, they have moved very quickly and have erased many of the recent losses. On January 8th Gold was at $1,221 and now it is over $1,325, up over $100 an ounce. Proof Gold Eagles currently wholesale for $1,560 per ounce in the OGP. Proof Silver Eagles still appear to be plentiful in the marketplace and are available at $51. Silver bags are moving higher, now over $16,200 per $1,000; Silver is now at $21.80. VG Silver Dollar bags are up to $26,100.

     In this week’s NumisMedia 500 we are seeing some big moves by some truly rare coins. In many cases, we do not see these coins trade very often, so when they do come on the market the trading levels can advance quite vigorously. For example the 1870 S Seated Half Dollar in MS65 shows only three potential coins in the population reports. In the past 30 days this coin has gone up 47.68%; now with a Market of $17,500. There are none certified higher than MS65.

1870 S Seated Half Dollar in MS65 has gone up 47.68%

The 1870 S Seated Half Dollar in MS65 has gone up 47.68%;
now with a Market of $17,500.

     Another rarity listed in the '500' is the 1874 S $10 Gold with the highest graded coin in AU58 and only five coins available in PCGS and NGC total. The AU55 shows a total of 14 coins certified and it has increased to $9,250 Market, up 28.03%. Below are a few other rarities that have been under recent buying pressure.

Date/DenominationGradeCurrent Market% Increase
1885 Three Cent NickelMS63$2,85032.56%
1870 $2 ½ GoldPR64$17,50027.27%
1864 $5 GoldAU55$6,45023.44%
1880 $1 GoldMS69$34,50021.05%
1870 CC Seated DollarMS62$24,50020.99%
1862 $5 GoldAU55$7,65017.69%
1825/1 $5 GoldMS61$59,50015.53%
1870 $5 GoldPR64$64,50012.17%

     Lots of advances can be found in this week’s LD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide. Lincoln Cents are a collector favorite and increases can be expected for full Red coins. In addition, we are seeing more increases for RB coins as collectors look for coins that don’t quite make the Red designation. The 1909 S VDB in MS66 RB is now at $4,625 Market. This looks reasonable to collectors when you compare the Red MS66 at $10,350. The 1911 S in MS65 RB has increased to $975, while the 1914 D in MS64 RB is up to $4,225.

     The Proof Two-Cent series is also attracting collector and investor attention. Many of these coins have very spotty toning and are unattractive. But when they are nice with eye appealing surfaces, buyers are more than willing to add them to their holdings. The 1866 Red in PR65 has advanced to $2,850 Market and the 1869 RB in PR66 is now at $1,825. There are several increases for the 1873 Open and Closed 3 varieties; the Open 3 in PR64 RB is up to $3,650 and the Closed 3 in PR65 BN is now $3,000. Also, the 1873 Closed 3 in PR65 RB is higher at $3,825.

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NumisMedia Weekly Archive
Current News and Analysis of the U.S.
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