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Common Date Gold Drops, Rarities Rise

December 15, 2014

     The end of the year typically brings with it a lull in the coin market. While dealers are still busy they are not trying to add to already heavy inventories. Thus, the teletypes have more sell messages than buy messages even though bullion trades remain hot. Gold was holding above the $1,200 mark last week, but has fallen to $1,196 with Silver at $16.34 as the week begins. Proof one ounce Gold Eagles are wholesaling at $1,400 in the OGP. Proof Silver Eagles are $48 with little change in demand at this time. Circulated Silver Dollars remain steady at $23,550 a bag of VG’s.

     The strong demand for true rarities is persistent at current levels, although today’s buyers are a bit more meticulous in their pursuits, wanting a little something extra for their money; extra eye appeal, a CAC sticker or the + designation on the holder can go a long way toward the completion of a sale. There are some very interesting coins near the top in this week’s NumisMedia 500. The 1819 Large Cent with the Small Date is up 41.86% in MS65 Brown over the last 30 days. The current Market is $1,525. Also making a solid move is the 1864 S $5 Gold in XF40; it is up 21.62% at $22,500. This is a very rare date with only 12 coins certified in XF40 through AU58 and none higher. Below is a list of a variety of coins that have advanced over the last month.

1819 Large Cent Small Date MS65 NGC CAC

1819 Large Cent Small Date MS65 NGC CAC sold for $14,100 in Heritage Auctions Eric P. Newman Collection Part V U.S. Coins Signature Auction in New York, November 14-15, 2014

% Increase
1953 Washington QuarterPR68 Deep Cameo$2,37523.38%
1842 Large Cent Sm. DateMS65 BN$1,27521.43%
1892 $20 GoldAU50$5,15021.18%
1876 CC Twenty CentMS65$545,00021.11%
1959 Washington QuarterPR69 Deep Cameo$3,85018.46%
1899 Morgan DollarMS67$8,15016.43%
1814 Large Cent Crosslet 4MS60$4,75015.15%
1877 $10 GoldAU53$11,75014.63%
1823 Large CentAU58$16,85014.25%

     The U.S. Gold charts are mixed in this week’s HD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide. Common date $2 ˝ Indian Gold is lower in MS65, now down to $1,485 Market. In the $5 Indian series, the most common dated 1909 D is lower in MS64 & 65 at $1,460 and $8,000, respectively. Most dealers feel this market will pick up at the start of the new year when thousands of dealers arrive for the FUN Show.

     This will be our last Market Report for the year. We will continue to update prices as we monitor the coin market. We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We hope the New Year will bring you good health and much success.

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NumisMedia Weekly Archive
Current News and Analysis of the U.S.
Rare Coin Market

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