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    Linking to the NumisMedia FMV Price Guide

Online Price Guide URL/HTML Code

With the increased popularity of online auctions and numismatic websites, links to the NumisMedia Fair Market Value Price Guide are available to assist in selling your coins on the Internet.

Use the HTML sample code (below) on your website or along with your auction lot descriptions at no charge; you may edit the code to your specifications, but the link should not be altered or placed within a frame. Click here for information to display the NumisMedia logo on your website.

Example Price Guide Code:

<B><A HREF=>NumisMedia Morgan Dollar Fair Market Value Prices</A></B>

Full List of Price Guide URL's:

Category / Code
Link (URL)

$1 Gold / 1gld

Proof $1 Gold / 1gldpr

$2½ Gold / 2hfgld

Proof $2½ Gold / 2hfgldpr

$2½ Gold Indian / 2hfind

$3 Gold / 3gld

Proof $3 Gold / 3gldpr

$4 Gold Stella / 4gld

$5 Gold / 5gld

Proof $5 Gold / 5gldpr

$5 Gold Indian / 5ind

$10 Gold / 10gld

Proof $10 Gold / 10gldpr

$10 Gold Indian / 10ind

$20 Gold / 20gld

Proof $20 Gold / 20gldpr

$20 St. Gaudens / 20stgd

Early Dollar / eardlr

Liberty Seated Dollar / setdlr

Trade Dollar / trddlr

Morgan Dollar / mordlr

Proof Morgan Dollar / mordlrpr

Proof Like Morgan Dollar / mordlrpl

DMPL Morgan Dollar / mordlrdm

GSA Morgan Dollar / mordlrgsa

Peace Dollar / peadlr

Eisenhower Dollar / ikedlr

Susan B. Anthony Dollar / antdlr

Sacagawea Dollar / sacdlr

Presidential Dollar / prsdlr

Early Half Dollar / earhlv

Bust Half Dollar / bsthlv

Liberty Seated Half Dollar / sethlv

Proof Liberty Seated Half Dollar / sethlvpr

Barber Half Dollar / barhlv

Proof Barber Half Dollar / barhlvpr

Walking Liberty Half Dollar / wlkhlv

Proof Walking Liberty Half Dollar / wlkhlvpr

Franklin Half Dollar / fnkhlv

Proof Franklin Half Dollar / fnkhlvpr

Full Bell Lines Franklin Half Dollar / fnkhlvbl

Kennedy Half Dollar / kenhlv

Bust Quarter / bstqtr

Liberty Seated Quarter / setqtr

Proof Liberty Seated Quarter / setqtrpr

Barber Quarter / barqtr

Proof Barber Quarter / barqtrpr

Standing Liberty Quarter / stdqtr

Full Head Standing Liberty Quarter / stdqtrpr

Washington Quarter / wshqtr

Proof Washington Quarter / wshqtrpr

Bust Dime / bstdim

Liberty Seated Dime / setdim

Proof Liberty Seated Dime / setdimpr

Barber Dime / bardim

Proof Barber Dime / bardimpr

Mercury Dime / mrcdim

Proof Mercury Dime / mrcdimpr

Full Band Mercury Dime / mrcdimfb

Roosevelt Dime / rsvdim

Proof Roosevelt Dime / rsvdimpr

Full Torch Roosevelt Dime / rsvdimft

Shield Nickel / shdnkl

Proof Shield Nickel / shdnklpr

Liberty Nickel / libnkl

Proof Liberty Nickel / libnklpr

Buffalo Nickel / bufnkl

Proof Buffalo Nickel / bufnklpr

Jefferson Nickel / jefnkl

Proof Jefferson Nickel / jefnklpr

Full Step Jefferson Nickel / jefnklfs

Large Cent / lrgcnt

Flying Eagle Cent / flycnt

Indian Cent / indcnt

Proof Indian Cent / indcntpr

Lincoln Cent / lnccnt

Modern Lincoln Cent / lnccntmo

Proof Lincoln Cent / lnccntpr

Silver Commemorative / slvcom

Gold Commemorative / gldcom

Modern Commemorative Halves / modhlv

Modern Commemorative Dollar / moddlr

Modern Commemorative $5 Gold / mod5gld

Modern Commemorative $10 Gold / mod10gld

Modern Eagle / modeag

Modern Buffalo / modbuf

America the Beautiful Silver / 5ounce

Half Cent / hlfcnt

Two Cent / 2cnt

Proof Two Cent / 2cntpr

Three Cent - Silver / 3scnt

Proof Three Cent - Silver / 3scntpr

Three Cent - Nickel / 3ncnt

Proof Three Cent - Nickel / 3ncntpr

Half Dime / hlfdim

Twenty Cent / 20cnt

Proof & Mint Sets / sets

Signature Series / modsign

Price Guide Home Page / fmv

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