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Become a NumisMedia MemberNumisMedia is a member-oriented community of national coin dealers. This service is provided for coin dealers in a cooperative effort to enhance the nature of the numismatic industry. These dealers have banded together to initiate a national marketing program that will provide coins and information for the numismatic fraternity; for both dealers and collectors, alike.

The Dealer Membership includes subscriptions to the Monthly and Weekly Price Guides (optional print membership), access to all Online Dealer Price Guides, advertising options and discounts, and more.

Dealers not looking to be listed online in our dealer directory and specialty areas, and Collectors looking for more than just a subscription, join as a Collector Member. Collector Memberships include a subscription to the Monthly FMV Price Guide, along with access to all Online Dealer Price Guides and all other member benefits except for online dealer contact listings.

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Memberships that include NumisMedia Market, FMV and CAC prices on the CCE View Market system are available to current member dealers of the Certified Coin Exchange only. Current CCE Members must have CCE Quick Price access to view NumisMedia prices on the CCE View Market/Quick Price system along with the NumisMedia Dealer Membership with CCE Access....more info

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$2½ Gold
Proof $2½ Gold
$2½ Gold Indians
$3 Gold
Proof $3 Gold
$4 Gold Stellas
$5 Gold
Proof $5 Gold
$5 Gold Indians
$10 Gold
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$10 Gold Indians
$20 Gold
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$20 St. Gaudens
Early Dollars
Liberty Seated Dollars
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Morgan Dollars
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DMPL Morgan Dollars
GSA Morgan Dollars
Peace Dollars
Eisenhower Dollars
Susan B. Anthony Dollars
Sacagawea Dollars
Presidential Dollars
Early Halves
Bust Halves
Liberty Seated Halves
Proof Liberty Seated Halves
Barber Halves
Proof Barber Halves
Walking Liberty Halves
Proof Walking Liberty Halves
Franklin Halves
Proof Franklin Halves
Full Bell Lines Franklin Halves
Kennedy Halves
Bust Quarters
Liberty Seated Quarters
Proof Liberty Seated Quarters
Barber Quarters
Proof Barber Quarters
Standing Liberty Quarters
Full Head Std. Lib. Quarters
Washington Quarters
Proof Washington Quarters
Bust Dimes
Liberty Seated Dimes
Proof Liberty Seated Dimes
Barber Dimes
Proof Barber Dimes
Mercury Dimes
Proof Mercury Dimes
Full Band Mercury Dimes
Roosevelt Dimes
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Full Torch Roosevelt Dimes
Shield Nickels
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Liberty Nickels
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Buffalo Nickels
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Jefferson Nickels
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Half Cents
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Flying Eagle Cents
Indian Cents
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Lincoln Cents
Modern Lincoln Cents
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Silver Commemoratives
Gold Commemoratives
Modern Commems Halves
Modern Commems Dollars
Modern Commems $5 Gold
Modern Commems $10 Gold
Half Cents
Two Cents
Proof Two Cents
Three Cents - Silver
Proof Three Cents - Silver
Three Cents - Nickel
Proof Three Cents - Nickel
Half Dimes
Twenty Cents
Modern Eagles
Modern Buffaloes
America the Beautiful Silver
Signature Series

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By submitting this dealer profile, you agree to abide by the rules and terms of membership. Furthermore, you agree to follow the payment schedule and assume the responsibility of membership dues. If you wish to cancel your membership, you must do so in writing. The NumisMedia Code of Ethics is quite simple and a very basic philosophy of life: "Treat others, as you want to be treated". Place accurate information on the system, whether it is buys, sells, or everyday information. Be prepared to stand behind any information you place on the system. Your actions will be monitored and your business practices will be made available to registered dealers and collectors. While we cannot recommend any one dealer over another, we may offer a list of acceptable dealers in any given area.

Further, we may make up a list of accepted dealers who abide by proper business ethics. The majority of the dealers are members of many coin related organizations, including ICTA, ANA, and PNG. To remain on this list, you will want to conduct your business affairs in a professional manner. We accept the responsibility of removing any dealers who do not follow these standards. If you are removed from this system for any reason whatsoever, you will agree to hold harmless Numismatic Interactive Network and its management.

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