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NumisMedia Press Archive

October 2019

CAC Coins Bring Premiums in September 2019
October 4, 2019

August 2019

Special ANA Surprise: CCE Unlocks Quick Price for Associate Members
August 7, 2019

July 2019

CAC Coins Bring Premiums in June 2019
July 5, 2019

June 2019

CAC Coins Bring Premiums in May 2019
June 7, 2019

May 2019

CAC Coins Bring Premiums in April 2019
May 7, 2019

February 2019

CAC Coins Bring Premiums at FUN Auction in Orlando
February 7, 2019

January 2019

Finest-Known 1885 Trade Dollar Brings $3.96 Million with Heritage Auctions
January 13, 2019

CAC Coins Bring Premiums in December
January 7, 2019

NumisMedia Monthly Archive

August 2018
ANA Preview of Rarity Part II: 1913 Liberty Nickel Takes Center Stage

July 2018
ANA Preview of Rarity: 1854 S $5 Gold Up for Auction

June 2018
Lower Prices Attracting Buyers to Rare Date Morgan Dollars

May 2018
Charlotte and Dahlonega Mints: Often Overlooked but Not Forgotten

April 2018
CAC Rarities STILL Realizing Higher Premiums

March 2018
Timing the Market for High Grade Barber Dimes

February 2018
Another Look at the Top Rarities Auctioned in 2017

January 2018
A New Hope for 2018

December 2017
Crow River Collection Auctioned for Nearly $2 Million

November 2017
Late Date Walkers Falling on Hard Times

October 2017
Morgan Dollars & Standing Liberty Quarters: Their Time is Near

September 2017
Premiums Tighten on Pre-1933 U.S. Gold

August 2017
Timing is Everything for GSA CC Morgan Dollars

July 2017
$3 Gold Princess Rarities Difficult to Acquire

June 2017
Walkers: Lovely Lady Liberties

May 2017
Evaluating Rare $10 Liberty Gold

April 2017
When Will Classic Gold Commemoratives Make a Come Back?

March 2017
The Importance of the Population Reports

February 2017
A Review of the Top Rarities Sold at Auction in 2016

January 2017
What Goes Down Must Come Back Up?

December 2016
Are Resubmissions Diluting the Coin Market?

November 2016
Top Seven Rarities in the $5 Gold Indian Series

October 2016
Declining Demand Creating Long Term Opportunities

September 2016
ANA Auctions a Reflection of Shifting Rare Coin Market

August 2016
Time to Go Catch Those Bargains

July 2016
Purchasing Tomorrow's Rarities Today

June 2016
The World Record Price That Wasn't

May 2016
Old Gold, New Gold; Just Buy It

April 2016
Tiny Rarities: Three-Cent Silver

March 2016
Another Look at Pogue Part III: $3 & $5 Gold

February 2016
Rarities Abound in Pogue Sale Part III

January 2016
A Positive Take from a Down Year

December 2015
Rarity Defined by Demand and Availability

November 2015
Timing is Key to Investing in Rare Coins

October 2015
Pogue II Auction Beyond Compare

September 2015
Dealing with the Chaos of the U.S. Gold Market

August 2015
Extreme Rarities, Extreme Prices

July 2015
Are Gold Commemoratives the Forgotten Rarities?

June 2015
D. Brent Pogue Sale Part I Brings Over $25 Million

May 2015
Series with Sleepers: Barber Quarters

April 2015
The Ultimate Collector Set: Morgan Silver Dollars

March 2015
True Rarities: The Capped Bust $5 Gold Series

February 2015
Assembling a Renowned and Profitable Coin Collection

January 2015
Rarities Ringing in the New Year

December 2014
Best and Worst Performers for 2014

November 2014
An In Depth Look at the Seated Dollar Series

October 2014
Analyzing the Walking Liberty Half Series

September 2014
Type I & II $20 Gold are Leading Market Indicators

August 2014
Finding the Next Million Dollar Coin

July 2014
Auctions Have Improved With Age

June 2014
CAC Coins Realizing Higher Premiums

May 2014
Rare Private & Territorials Lead Heritage Central States Auction

April 2014
Type I Twenties: Low Population Rarities with Abundant Potential

March 2014
$10 Gold Liberty - Identifying Potential Rarity

February 2014
The Case for Premium Quality Coins

January 2014
FUN at Heritage Platinum Night: One to Remember

December 2013
Eric P. Newman Collection Raises $23.8 Million

November 2013
Prooflike Morgan Dollars Ramping Up

October 2013
Where have all the Good Coins Gone?

September 2013
Widespread Demand and Returns on Early Gold

August 2013
Carson City Coins Reaching New Heights

July 2013
Early Twenties in the Spotlight

June 2013
Barber Series Offer a Variety of Opportunities

May 2013
Assembling a Dream Portfolio of Rare Coins

April 2013
Pop Reports Crucial for Investors

March 2013
Modern Rarities Holding Value

February 2013
CAC and + Grades Commanding Respect

January 2013
Vasquez Rocks Collection Intrigues Gold Dollar Collectors

December 2012
Serious Gold Collectors Only

November 2012
Best Kept Secret – 1879 to 1890 Seated Halves

October 2012
Dollar Hoards Spawn Interest and Premiums

September 2012
Auctions Produce ‘New’ Values

August 2012
Battle Born CC Collection to Highlight Stack’s Bowers ANA Sale

July 2012
Do Silver Commemoratives have a Future?

June 2012
The Carson City Mint

May 2012
Copper Conundrum

April 2012
Collect or Invest?

March 2012
Classic Gold Commems at Bargain Levels?

February 2012
Rare Date Seated Quarters in Robust Demand

January 2012
Out With The Old, In With The New

December 2011
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November 2011
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October 2011
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September 2011
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August 2011
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July 2011
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June 2011
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May 2011
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April 2011
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March 2011
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February 2011
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January 2011
A Look Back at FMV Performance Part II

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